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Our listing of the many slot car related parts for sale including guide flags, braid, axles, chassis, tires, wheels, wings, etc.  The Hot Laps Books Section has rule books on dirt track slot car racing and related reading material.

Hot Laps - Dirt Track Racing Slot Car Items

Slot Car Racing is Fun!!!

How to Order - Choose Add to Cart to place that item in your shopping cart, you will be able to change the quantity later.  When finished, you can View Your Cart and check out.   Payment is in the form of a check, money order, or online via PayPal.  Email us at with any questions.

NOTE:  If you are looking for HO parts, check out our HO parts section for chassis, tires, etc.

Dirt Track Racing Slot Car Parts For Sale:


Although I provide bodies for these, I do not have available any Parma, JK, etc. sidewinder 1/24 or 1/32 chassis available.  The only ones I have for sale are the ones listed on the website which at time are limited in quantity.

Parma items listed are currently unavailable and out of stock, we apologize for the inconvenience.  Thus we have removed the prices and "Add to Cart" links for each but kept them pictured for reference material or if in the future they become available again.

We are now offering H&R Racing Chassis as a substitute for 1/24 and hope to find something soon as a replacement for the 1/32 Womp style chassis.

1/24 H&R Racing Products Adjustable Wheelbase RTR Rolling Chassis #HR124RTR $Price Soon

The wheelbase is adjustable from 3 5/8" to 4 7/8" (92mm to 123mm) - Includes high RPM Motor with large cooling holes, front and rear foam tires on setscrew aluminum hubs, oilite bushings and a body mounting kit.


1/24 Parma 4 inch wheelbase FCR Brass Chassis with Bushings #FCR4  Out of Stock
1/24 Parma 4.5 inch wheelbase FCR Brass Chassis with Bushings #FCR45  Out of Stock
sprints.jpg (7130 bytes) Sprints Plus Brass Chassis  #HC1  $15.00 - Add to Cart
womp.jpg (8318 bytes) 1/32 Womp Chassis #HC2    Out of Stock

(Note:  These must be narrowed for use with Sprint or Modified bodies but will work fine as-is for Legends, Daytona Prototype bodies, etc.)

clips.jpg (14079 bytes) Clips to Mount Lexan Slot Car Bodies to Chassis:

Sprints Plus Slot Car Chassis Body Clips #BC1 $3.00 pair - Add to Cart

Womp Slot Car Chassis Body Clips #BC2 $3.00 pair - Add to Cart

brassrd.jpg (9162 bytes)

Brass Rods Shown

1/16" x 11" length brass rods for roll cages, etc. #RD1  (6 in a pack) $5.00  Enough for two roll cages, bumpers, rails, etc. - Add to Cart

1/16" x 11" length copper-coated steel rods for roll cages, etc. #RD2  (6 in a pack) $5.00  Enough for two roll cages, bumpers, rails, etc. - Add to Cart

braid.jpg (5066 bytes) Quick Change Braid #GF1  $2.00 pr. - Add to Cart
guide.jpg (6158 bytes) Guide Flag, Pr. Braid & Nut #GF2  $4.00 set - Add to Cart
lead.jpg (5652 bytes) Adhesive Block Lead Strip - #GF3  $4.00 ea. - Add to Cart
pse1tires.jpg (6246 bytes) Front Parma Racing Tires - 1/8 x 7/8 #GF4  Out of Stock
960tires.jpg (5610 bytes) Front Parma Racing Tires - 1/8 x 3/4 #GF5  Out of Stock
78tires.jpg (5533 bytes) Front Parma Racing Tires - 1/8 x 13/16" #GF7  Out of Stock
amlrear.jpg (6607 bytes) AML 1" Rear Sponge Tires #GF8  $10.00 pr. - Add to Cart
AML 1" Silicone Coated Sponge Tires #GF8A  $11.50 pr. - Add to Cart
78sili.jpg (8568 bytes) AML Rear Silicone Tires 1/8" Axle 7/8" Dia. #GF9  $11.50 pr - Add to Cart
spacers.jpg (7263 bytes) 1/8" Asst. Nylon Axle Spacers #GF11  $3.00 pack - Add to Cart
axle1.jpg (2476 bytes) 1/8"x2 5/8" Hardened Steel Axle #GF12  $2.50 ea. - Add to Cart
screws.jpg (8508 bytes) No. 2 x 3/8" Button Head Sheet Metal Screws #GF13  $4.00 - Add to Cart
motor.jpg (7460 bytes) Resin Midget Motor #GF14  $5.00 - Add to Cart
Pinion Gear for 16D or similar motor 48pitch #GF15  $3.00

Available in 7, 8, or 9 tooth (please specify when ordering)

crowns.jpg (13751 bytes) Set-Screw Crown Gear for 1/8" axle 48pitch #GF16  $4.00

Available in 31, 33, 35, 37, 39, or 41 tooth (please specify when ordering)

Oillites for 1/24,1/32 frames #GF18 - $3.00 pair - Add to Cart
motscr.jpg (9297 bytes) Motor Screws for Mounting Motor in Chassis #GF19 2 for $2.00 - Add to Cart

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